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A Night With Bond

The amazing talents of Claire Gordon and Lee Pashley bring you 'A Night with Bond', performing the great theme songs from the classic James Bond movies including Goldfinger, The Man With The Golden Gun, Thunderball and many, many more!

About the show

‘A Night with Bond’ is an entertaining & informative journey through the theme music of the famous 007 ‘Bond’ films. The stage is tastefully set with a ‘Bond’ themed backdrop, lights & effects with the stars of the shows performing the songs with passion & an enthusiasm for authenticity! After the introduction with voice over & gunfire, through the smoke & lights, comes our very own Ms Moneypenny, a glamourous singer draped in sparkling diamante for the first classic Bond theme, Diamonds are Forever. Then the bands very own ‘James Bond’ steps out on stage in suit & tie with a dazzling rendition of Casino Royal’s “You know my name”.

From then on in the performance continues through the ‘Bond’ theme’s with classics such as You only live twice, Goldfinger & Thunderball to name but a few! Crucially, Claire & Lee bring humour & fun to the show and even challenge each other with (fake!) guns and engage in a comic chase until Bond is temporarily defeated - with a little surprise at the end!

When the event has the facilities for a bigger show,’ A Night with Bond’ comes complete with stunning dancers who support the performance with ‘Bond girl’ style, appeal and routines! They can also provide equally glamourous ‘Bond’ style ‘Bunny Girls’ who can meet & greet guests and hand out the bubbly!

There is also a live ‘Night with Bond’ band available to enhance the music & add a twist of humour with their input! They are affectionately known as ‘Oddjob’, ‘Scaramanga’ & ‘Blowfeld’ and also ‘dressed to thrill’, adding a further dynamic to the ‘Bond’ theme experience.

It’s Bond glamour all the way and whether it’s the larger production or a smaller version for your event, ‘A Night with Bond’ is fully self contained providing their own PA & equipment whatever the format you require.

A further option for your event is for Lee & Claire to offer an additional ‘warm up act’ should you really want to impress your guests & fill up the evening! Lee’s Michael Bublé is an excellent ‘taster’ before the ‘Bond’ show and he’s happy to include that to enhance the experience. 

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